About S.A.Y. Racing

Stephen A. Yavorski, Sr.  has been learning and working on cars since before he even started to drive.  He has delved into his automotive passion by restoring, customizing and driving for the sheer pleasure that it brings to him. 

In 1983, an open-wheel racer on the cover of the Want-Ad Press caught the attention of Stephen.  It was a 1971 Formula Ford Hawke with trailer and some spare parts.  He bought the "package", joined the Sports Car Club of America and enrolled in his first dirver's school.  This was the start of his racing pursuit.

Still racing the same car in the 1984 season, Stephen won first place the the Pre '78 Formula Ford class with his 1971 Hawke.  For the 1985 season, he purchased a 1981 Ex-Pro Super Vee car and converted it to an SCCA Formula Continental.  In this car, he won numerous races as well as clinching the NARRC Points Championship in both 1985 and 1986.

Being an expert designer and craftsman in metal fabrication within our parent company, Airmet Metalworks, Stephen remains connected to his automotive passion. 
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