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Housed in a modern 10,000 square foot building, our facilities inventory is extensive. We provide a diversity of metal projects and offer exceptional quality and service.

Our metal products include, yet are not limited to:
• Fences
• Pool fences
• Gates
• Railings
• Balcony railings
• Ornamental window guards
• Decorative enclosures
• Patina finishes
• Custom furniture
• Fireplace screens and doors
• Fire escapes
• Stairs
• Arbors
• Pergolas
• Metal sculptures
• Kitchen countertops, backsplashes, drawers, etc.

Industrial capabilities include, yet are not limited to:
• Structural steel and sheet metal work
• Machine shop work
• Build, rebuild and repair all types of machinery

Fabricate and install:
• OSHA safety guards and machine stands
• Stairs, safety platforms, railings
• Dust collection systems
• Cyclones, hoppers, transitions, special fittings
• Jigs, fixtures, displays
• Material handling and conveying systems

All types of welding including:
• Steel 
• Stainless
• Aluminum 
• Brass/Bronze
• Cast iron
• Cast aluminum
• Cast magnesium

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Stephen A Yavorski, Sr. was born with an enthusiasm that would eventually blossom into the creation of S.A.Y. Racing.  As a young child, he and everyone around him were well aware of his inner and indisputable "need for speed". 

From riding his tricycle until the wheels practically disintegrated underneath him to needing the sneakers that would allow him to run the fastest, he was perpetual motion.

When Speed Racer was introduced to America in 1967, all the pieces of the puzzle came together. The decisions that he would make from that point forward were shaped by his passion for cars and racing.

From customizing your street rod to restoring your cherished memory, S.A.Y. Racing is the solution for the discerning car enthusiast.